Heart of Now - Digital HD Plus

Heart of Now - Digital HD Plus

This Deluxe “Plus” Edition Includes Bonus Videos and Music:

• Stream or Download the Movie in HD or SD
• Choose between 5.1 Surround Sound or Stereo
• Audio Commentary by Editor Jamie Cobb
• Behind the Scenes
• The Focus Group
• Gag Reel
• Trailer
• A PDF of the Screenplay
• Original Soundtrack: Music by DEKLUN
• Original Soundtrack EP: Music by John T. Woods
• DEKLUN's 39-minute Performance at the deadCENTER Film Festival

Drama | 89 mins | Starring Marion Kerr | Directed by Zak Forsman

HEART OF NOW is a quiet and understated debut feature that explores the inclination to define ourselves by the people who leave us. Amber is a young woman with a profound longing for a sense of family. When she discovers she is pregnant, her boyfriend withdraws and moves out while her closest friends insist that she get an abortion.

Abandoned at every turn, Amber willfully seeks a safe haven in Gabe – the father figure that left her and her dying mother a decade ago. Amber is whisked across urban, natural and emotional landscapes where she descends into a downward spiral that eclipses her moral center and shatters her illusions. Stripped of any possibility for self-deception, she confronts the root cause of her suffering and frees herself of its influence in a brief, transcendent moment at the very heart of now.

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Heart of Now - Digital HD Plus

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